Road to the Championship

by Veronica Miramontes

Sunnyvale Medina Fall Classic Road to the Championship

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Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club hosted the Medina Fall Classic on September 26 and 27. The tournament was a huge success, with a record number of teams involved. There were 168 teams, 28 champions, 19 fields used (including 12 at Morgan Hill), 300 games played and 900 referee slots filled. Out of those 28, Monterey Bay Sports League (MBSL Sharks) had not only one but 2 Champions, the U-9 Boys and the U-11 Girls. Head coach Christian Ramos for the U-9 and Head Coach John Licea for the U-11 were proud to bring back the trophies to Monterey, as these young players worked very hard to deserve it.

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U-9 Journey:

Coach Ramos explains the championship game. “Our boys played well in our group stage” said Coach Ramos. “Although, our championship game against CV SJ Earthquakes was the toughest one yet. We found ourselves down 1-0 at half time. Our boys  found their rhythm and started to connect their passes again in the second half.  Soon after, we were able to move the ball down the field with a few short passes. Ben Garry, Austin Overmeyer, Noel Samosa, Alaric Nicolas, Samuel Oliver, Walter Bonilla, and Kevin Aviles were a big parts these passes. Once we got down to our opponent’s goal Kevin Aviles found a sweet spot and finished it off at the bottom corner. It was a team-equalizing goal! A few moments after, Samuel Oliver dribble down the line took a shot and the Earthquakes goalkeeper made a brilliant saved.  Even though, he didn’t managed to save the rebound shot from Kevin Aviles who scored his second goal of the game, his energy was still high. Kevin Aviles’s second goal was the game-winning goal. We give credits to attacker players but without our defense and Philip PK Swartz in goal it would have been a different result. Coach Ramos’ assistant coach, Chewpong Ly, played a huge role in this tournament. They communicated and made key decisions in the game as a unit.

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For the U-9 boys there were a lot of great moments from the Fall Classic. “Although, my favorite moment would be our boy’s joy and their smile after each game” Said Coach Ramos. “We could not ask for better supporters” he continues. “The parents of the U11 girls’ team were loud and supportive for the entire tournament. Without a doubt, they and the boy’s parents were a key factor toward our success.”

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“I believe this tournament was a great learning experience for our boys. They learned how to play with one another on and off the field without conflict. For a group 7, 8, and 9 years old to spent over 12 hours together without conflict is huge. On the field, we as coaches could not be happier for our boys. Our boys showed their discipline and strong character all tournaments long. They were focused and always ready to play. “


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U-11 Girls Journey:

Game one MBSL Sharks tied 2-2 vs Sunnyvale Alliance. Goals awarded to Alondra Bonilla and Sarah Tate. Game two the lady Sharks came back with retribution and scored 11 goals vs San Ramon, who denied the shut-out with 1 goal against. Goals awarded to Alondra Bonilla and Alyssa Parra, both with a hat trick. Elle Bohlman (2), Sarah Tate, Jacky Vasquez, and Nikki Benak each had a goal. This game could not have been successful without the assists from Ailani Miramontes, Jacky and Sarah. Game three the girls scored 3 goals and goal keeper, Angie Miranda, had a shut out vs Sunnyvale Alliance Silver. Goals awarded to Jacky Vasquez (2) and Elle Bohlman.

The girls built momentum all the way to the championship game vs Soccer Elite. Elite was a very strong and competitive opponent but the lady sharks did not give up and with a great team build and an impressive cross by Isabella Licea a goal was scored by Sarah Tate. Angie Miranda and her defense had another shutout. A whole team effort and hard work lead to the win!

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“As always, my assistant coaches help the team in preparing the girls for games.  Be it through motivating them, warm-up drills, certain tactics depending on who we are playing, and line-up adjustments throughout the game.  The assistant coaches are always a huge help to the success of our team” said Coach Licea. “My favorite moment without a doubt, was watching the girls build a stronger bond with each other throughout the weekend.  Win or lose these girls really care for each other and support one another on and off the field.  The joy on their face as they celebrated with each other and their families was priceless.” Coach Licea continues, “Every game we play, I feel our girls are getting stronger and stronger as a team.  They are learning how to trust one another more both on the offensive and defensive end of the field.  They are communicating more which will eventually lead to better ball movement during games.  I see the girls now giving direction to each other in a positive way.  They are beginning to learn how to play the game of soccer together without needing as much direction from the coaching staff.  It is great to watch the transition that is taking place with the young ladies.”

Coach Licea was very thankful for all the support. “The parents support was fantastic! From providing snacks and beverages for the families, to cheering loudly and proudly for both the U9 boys and U11 Girls, it was great to see.  One of the best moments of the tournament was when all the families supported the U9 boys during their championship game against CV Earthquakes.  The passion and cheer we all felt for those boys and MBSL was unbelievable.”

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“The funniest story is when the girls were celebrating their championship victory with the trophy; they almost broke it when they knocked it to the ground.  Thankfully the trophy stayed in one piece and we will proudly display it at our MBSL Soccer Office. What was inspiring was watching the girls enjoy all their hard work result in a championship at Sunnyvale Alliance Tournament.  For most of our girls they have been with us for three seasons now.  Our first season we finished second to last during our league play, and now we are placing high in our league and tournaments.  The amount of hours that these girls have put in to enjoy this success was great. “

It’s not only these teams, but all of our MBSL teams that continue to progress in their soccer development.  The kids and parents put in a lot of hours to improve their soccer skills.  MBSL strongly believe that all of our teams will eventually have success and follow in the footsteps of what some of our other teams have accomplished.

To see all photos from the Sunnyvale Alliance Tournament please click the link below.

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